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ToonTown Revolution Is a website that explains toontown's complete History form day 1 beta in 2003 To the last day in September,19,2013.


August 2001Beta version available
January 16, 2002Toontown Beta Complete! (but some forgetful developer "accidentally" left the server running!)
September 10, 2002Toontown Beta 2 commences
October 21, 2002Toontown Beta 2 officially ended.
"Thank you for all the feedback and hard work put in to the beta test. Your comments and bug reports helped make Toontown a better place for everyone. We have officially launched the Sneak Preview, and all beta accounts have been deactivated. As part of this Sneak Preview, the initial offer to subscribe will be a discounted $5.95 to sign up and play for one month, and then $9.95 per month afterwards. This discounted pricing will only be available to charter members who participate in the Sneak Preview. Beta testers, remember to sign up with the same e-mail address used during the beta."

June 2, 2003Official Launch - What is now termed "Open" is officially opened to the public.
August 26, 2003
  • Clarabelle's Cattlelog introduced.
  • Estate Decoration.
  • Elder Toontasks. Help a new Toon defeat Cogs.
  • Informative Toon Tips during Toontown loading screens.
  • Other changes - Toons now sit on the trolley.
November 14, 2003Fishing introduced.

"You can now catch fish in the ponds located in every playground and street in Toontown."

The merry-go-round is no longer in Melodyland - replaced by a pond.

December 19, 2003Welcome to Cog Headquarters (CogHQ)!

Sellbot HQ, attached to Daisy Gardens is the first Cog HQ to be released.

September 3, 2004Pet Shops and Doodles introduced.
October 29, 2004Implemented the Black Cat Day Easter Egg which will turn a Toon cat black.
November 2004Toontown Germany released
November 11, 2004Monkey is the newest Toon species to join Toontown after players voted.
December 1, 2004Fishing Bingo introduced and players can sell fish at their Estate during Bingo.
February 2, 2005Pajama Place new street in Donald's Dreamland opens.
February 17, 2005
  • Cashbot HQ introduced.
  • Cog disguise parts no longer get knocked off in battle with the V.P.
June 2, 2005Doodles can now be called upon to help in battle.
September 15, 2005Goofy Speedway opened
December 20, 2005
  • Bear available in Make-a-Toon.
  • Toons can purchase gifts from Clarabelle's Cattlelog for Toons on their Friends List.
April 25, 2006
  • "Court is now in Session - Lawbot HQ is here!" Polar Place, the new street in The Brrrgh, leads to the new CoHQ.
  • Update to the Districts Shticker Book page: loss of numbered indication of server population - now a red/green/blue lighting system used to denote population density.
June 29, 2006Toontown Germany closed
August 2, 2006Estate cannons available for a 48 hour rental period in Clarabelle's Cattlelog.
September 14, 2006Estate gardening.
March 1, 2007Toontown is integrated with Disney XD on! "True Friends" replaces "Secret Friends" for those choosing this feature.
March 7, 2007Pig Toons are the newest addition to Toontown.
March 29, 2007Four new stops for the Trolley.
  • Toon Slingshot
  • Jungle Vines
  • Treasure Dive
  • Toon Memory Game
April 25, 2007Elevator minimum Laff point requirements instituted. Once a Toon boards a HQ elevator, they can Hop off only once - they must wait until it leaves or empties of all Toons before boarding again.
September 12, 2007Chip 'n Dale's Acorn Acres opens and Toons can now play minigolf.
December 4, 2007Many in-game item limits increased, specifically:
  • Toons can now carry up to 25 SpeedChat phrases.
  • Clarabelle's Cattlelog has 2 new Estate closets available for purchase -- 20 and 25 item closets.
  • Estates (including the attic) can now hold up to 45 items.
  • The mailbox can now hold up to 30 items.
March 6, 2008Bossbot Headquarters released.
April 30, 2008Added fonts for purchase in the Cattlelog.
June 25, 2008Five new acting lessons released for purchase by long-standing Toontown players. Introduction of Ignore and Report a Player features
December 20, 2008Speedchat Plus released for players to express themselves with other players, of course with Disney-approved words.
March 17, 2009Boarding Groups, providing players with an easy way to get together with other players for entry into Cog HQs, is released.
March 26, 2009Toon Parties released. Toons can now have parties filled with crazy activities
  •                2011: TOONTOWN field offices where introduced which in there you could go throught a fun maze and if you run out of time you lost laff and went to fight the cogs if you won you would recieve a S.O.S card and you saved the clerk
  •                                                           2013:    CLOSURE
  •                                                            On August 20, 2013, Disney announced that after 10 years of operation, Disney's Toontown Online was being shut down. As soon as this announcement was made, every player was given membership for the remaining time of the game. As an effect, membership was no longer able to be purchased and players couldn't create new accounts. Fans desperately signed petitions to keep the game open, but Disney closed the game regardless. The game remained open for a month after the announcement, finally closing on September 19, 2013. Disney stated during a press release that their reasoning for closing the game was to shift their focus to Club Penguin as well as mobile applications. The website was updated with a FAQ after the game's closure to inform visitors of Toontown's discontinue.[10]

    All players were disconnected at 3:33 Eastern Standard time, over half an hour after the site was updated to the "Closed" FAQ.

    Jesse Schell(owner of Schell Games) could possibly buy the game back from Disney one day, but even if he doesn't he still has faith in Toontown and told the fans to keep the community alive.

    After Toontown's closure, a team of members from TOONBOOK (a cross between Toontown and Facebook) started work on a remake of the game, called toontown rewritten Currently, the game is in alpha testing, with 300 testers.